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Brilliant Legacy Episode 16 Recap: Sing Your Heart Out

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Brilliant Legacy is a new Korean drama that I have been following for a few weeks. This episode really had so many important scenes to it that I couldn’t really leave many of them out, so I hope you enjoy this! It’s my first recap so please go easy. 🙂

Current OST Addiction: 지혜-Spring Rain

We start the episode with Jun Se asking Eun Sung to see him as a man and not just as an oppa. Eun Sung leaves Jun Se’s proposal on hold, claiming she cannot live happily in love while her brother is still missing. I think even if Eun Sung did not have feelings for Jun Se, in a better situation, she would still accept his proposal because she is the kind of person who feels the need to return favors and to make things up to people (though I say that is always a horrible reason for anyone to start a relationship).

Jun Se accepts her decision better then most guys would, after all he still has a chance.

Eun Sung feels guilty for turning him down, Jun Se has been there for her through all her hard times.

As the mood gets heavier, Jun Se lightens it with a smile. He might have strong feelings, but his selfless side is not so quick to abandon ship.

This takes lots of restraint. I don’t think Hwan would be able to do this.

They both take a moment to smile.

Meanwhile at the house of Halmuni…

Hwan sits in his room, probably thinking about Eun Sung. 🙂

Halmuni’s room is invaded by her daughter-in-law.

They meet to discuss the current situation of Jung. Apparently Jung is a mess and her mother wants Eun Sung to leave to make things better.

A worried Halmuni heads to Jung’s room to check on Jung.

Jung is torn. Her lover/future sugar daddy doesn’t love her. Boo hoo.

How could this happen to me!?!

Jung blames Halmuni and Eun Sung and then returns to her lovely new home below her comforter. Too bad she won’t just stay there.

Halmuni goes outside and discusses her sympathy for Jung with the butler.

Eun Sung arrives home during this discussion and proceeds to chat with Halmuni.

The butler looks at her a little terrified knowing the current situation.

But he still smiles at Eun Sung. That butler is such a good person. I hope he doesn’t end up with the spoiled daughter-in-law like people keep noting.

Eun Sung is so happy to talk with Halmuni…however Halmuni’s sentiments are not the same.

She gives Eun Sung the cold shoulder as Eun Sung tries to discuss current the current anniversary project and Hwan with Halmuni.

Shocked, Eun Sung retreats into the household via Halmuni’s request.

The butler is always on Eun Sung’s side 🙂

Halmuni has a drink. What has happened to our loving grandmother?

Inside the house troubles brewing…

Jung’s Mom stares Eun Sung up and down and starts asking her questions about Jun Se.

Eun Sung is shocked at this interest as Jung’s mom rambles on.

Hwan listens from his room to the commotion in the hallway.

It isn’t long before Jung joins her Mom in this bashing of Eun Sung.

Now Eun Sung is outmatched two to one as the bashing continues.

Eun Sung starts to break down…

Jung still raves on in her destructive ways.

Hwan continues to listen.

And emerges!

Everyone is shocked to see this. Hwan handles the situation and takes away his evil mother and sister.

He yells at his family to stop attacking Eun Sung. Hwan tells Jung that she should be mad at Jun Se and not at Eun Sung. To think that once Hwan was like these people just really shows much progress he has made since we were first introduced to his character.

Around town, Jun Se comes home to an upset household as well.

His father immediately starts yelling at him for dating a woman behind his back. Most dads would say that the fact their son is dating is great, but not this one. Jun Se’s dad could easily control him if Jun Se let him, let’s hope he never does.

Jun Se’s bro drops the news about Jung finding out about Jun Se and Eun Sung’s dinner night.

Jun Se is horrified for what he knows is probably happening to Eun Sung. He calls Eun Sung to see if she is okay.

Eun Sung says things are not all that bad.

Let’s not forget that this is thanks to Hwan’s change of heart. 🙂

Hwan looks down at Eun Sung from above. He is becoming mesmerized when he sees her now.

The next morning comes…

Eun Sung greets Halmuni and is completely ignored. 😦

Halmuni sits for breakfast and is informed that Jung will not be eating breakfast with them.

Hwan looks at Eun Sung’s empty chair with such a sad look. 😦

Eun Sung informs the family that she will not be joining them for breakfast and takes off leaving Hwan alone.

Hwan waits alone at the bus station.

Every time Hwan thinks of Eun Sung he seems to close his eyes, a little shamefully. His feelings sadden him because he doesn’t think he has what it takes to be with her. It’s interesting to watch him in this situation considering in the beginning of the show his arrogance made him believe he owned the world.

It’s a new day at work and today’s first task to is to write notes about other workers.

As Hwan is told about it by Eun Sung he replies to her respectfully as his boss and everyone is shocked.

Hwan easily figures out what to write about most of his co-workers until he comes to Eun Sung…

Eun Sung is also quickly jotting down notes until she comes to Hwan’s card.

Once the cards are put away it’s time to go out and promote the upcoming 30th anniversary event of Franchise #2.

Aha, Hwan some difficulties and Eun Sung eventually makes him trade places with her.

Now Hwan is complaining because he doesn’t want to hold up the sign. He puts the sign up too high for Eun Sung to reach and when she complains he simply says that it is high enough for a man to see to which Eun Sung quickly reminds him that not all customers are men.

Eun Sung squeezes between Hwan’s arms to get some tape in.

He starts staring at her all weird.

They just sit there for a moment.

Hwan stays in the same position even though Eun Sung is done until she calls him out for it and he puts his arms down in shock.

A man walks by and Eun Sung proceeds to give him a flyer. He claims he will only attend if Eun Sung is there. Eun Sung entertains his gesture.

Much to the annoyance of Hwan.

Hwan calls Eun Sung out and starts to express his distaste for her carefree attitude despite losing her brother and father. He makes her feel really bad and starts to regret saying anything at all.

Jun Se visits Jung to try and make her get off Eun Sung’s back. Jung almost catches him, but he quickly throws her back off course.

Jung asks Jun Se why he likes Eun Sung and he says it’s hard to describe, but she has a special spirit.


Hwan and Eun Sung are having lunch.

Eun Sung has no appetite thanks to Hwan’s kind words earlier. Hwan points out that Eun Sung did not even have breakfast, Hwan is really showing his concern for her but it goes ignored as she gives him her food.

Seung Mi meets with Eun Sung’s “friend” to get whatever dirt she can. Seung Mi discovers Hwan has been following Eun Sung around.

Seung Mi’s mother is informed by Jung’s mother that Halmuni will be throwing Eun Sung out of the house. The evil step-mother lets out an evil smile of victory.

Back at Franchise #2, the workers get their comment cards back.

Hwan reads through his cards and comes upon a peculiar one.

The card reads that the person does not think Hwan is a bad person although he has a temper.

Hwan wonders if it could be Eun Sung who wrote this.

After work Eun Sung sits at the train station still upset over her issue with Halmuni. She refuses to get on the bus with Hwan and stays behind on the bench.

Eun Sung receives a call from Jun Se and tries to perk up, only to be discovered by him. One must wonder if Jun Se has a tracking device on Eun Sung because he always finds her a lightning speeds.

Jun Se asks if Eun Sung has been avoiding him because she doesn’t like him and she says that is not the case and rambles on again about her brother.

Given all the turbulence at home Eun Sung decides to go stay at her old place with Hye Rin.

Jung’s Mom suspiciously takes Eun Sung’s message.

At the mere mention if Eun Sung, Hwan’s attention is drawn.

Halmuni thinks about Eun Sung and all Eun Sung has done for her.

Back at Eun Sung’s old apartment…

Hye Ri demands Eun Sung move back, she’s such a good best friend.

Eun Sung claims that Halmuni’s grandchildren are not so bad and that Jung is hardly frightening. Eun Sung speaks favorably of Hwan and how much he has changed and Hye Ri immediately jumps to ask if love is blooming. Eun Sung says that even though she fights with Hwan she does not dislike him.

Best friend knows best :).

Eun Sung gets a big smile on her face when she thinks of Hwan.

Hwan, still curious as to whether the note was from Eun Sung or not pulls out her old notebook and compares the writing to the card.

Ding ding ding.

Another day of work comes and Hwan and Eun Sung are off promoting the anniversary again. This time Hwan asks Eun Sung what she is really like. She asks him to be more specific but he does not budge. They visit an elderly home and Hwan entertains the old ladies charmfully to Eun Sung’s surprise.

As they leave Eun Sung asks Hwan what is going on with him.

Hwan admits that he was initially disgraceful and wrong in his ways. A real shocker for Eun Sung to hear

Eun Sung calls the Halmuni to talk.

The Halmuni explains that she confused, and that Eun Sung couldn’t have possibly snatched Jun Se with a malicious intent. Halmuni puts down any talk about Eun Sung and our old Halmuni is back 🙂

Back inside, Jung’s Mom asks Eun Sung when she is packing her bags and Jung as well as her Mom are summoned to the quarters of Halmuni.

Halmuni explains that she will not be throwing Eun Sung out and that it is a dying wish of hers to have Eun Sung live like her granddaughter, and after some whining, Jung and her Mom back down.

Eun Sung’s dad finds another e-mail in his inbox. This time he finds that Eun Sung’s fake e-mail address is now deleted. I don’t really like this part of the plot. I suppose it will be used later when he finds Eun Sung to make her look bad and like she hated him and pretended he died, but for now it’s just kind of dumb to me.

The big 30th anniversary day comes to Franchise #2.

Seung Mi has come to help/spy on Hwan and Eun Sung.

Eun Sung pretends not to know her, still in the dark that Hwan already knows about Seung Mi’s connection to Eun Sung.

Jun Se and Hye Ri also show up to volunteer. Oh boy, everyone in one workplace.

The event begins:

Hye Ri has the biggest smile, she’s my favorite side character.

Seung Mi watches Hwan from afar.

Eun Sung is having some difficulties.

Hwan notices and decides to come to the rescue.

However, Jun Se intercepts and helps Eun Sung before Hwan can get there.

Hwan feels slightly hurt.

Jun Se demand that Eun Sung takes a break and she stumbles away.

Seung Mi watches as her love interest is hurt because of his love for someone else.

Hwan goes on break and goes to the usual spot.

He finds Eun Sung lying on a bench uncomfortably resting.

Eventually Eun Sung awakens.

We find out that the anniversary event was a huge success, making four times regular profit.

Hye Ri really is upbeat 🙂

Seung Mi politely claps and then we see something one would not expect.

Hwan is clapping? Things really have changed for this guy.

Celebration begins with a feast and alcohol.

Jun Se can’t help but look at the guy who he feels threatened by.

Seung Mi catches Jun Se’s glances at Hwan.

These interactions between Jun Se and Eun Sung are hard for Hwan to watch because although he obviously has feelings for Eun Sung, he doesn’t feel like he is good enough and frequently Hwan has felt like he was not good enough (and it’s true that until recently he has not really deserved Eun Sung at all). Plus no guy wants to see a girl they like smiling next to another man that she might possibly date.

The after party is designated to be a karaoke spot.

Yay for singing!

The party begins.

Hwan who is normally the drink guzzler does not seem in a party mood tonight.

Eun Sung on the other hand is living it up.

The manager is the first one to go up singing.

Shots are taken and it seems Jun Se is drinking like a fish. I wonder if it is because of his new insecurity now that he thinks Hwan has feelings for Eun Sung.

Hwan doesn’t hide his dislike for the current situation at all.

Hye Ri goes up to sing 🙂

They force Eun Sung onto the stage.

Seung Mi seems pretty upset that despite her evil attempts to destroy Eun Sung’s life, Eun Sung lives happily onward.

Seung Mi catches the looks that Hwan and Jun Se are giving each other. It’s unclear whether she sympathizes with Hwan or whether she is just alarmed at the situation.

Jun Se makes a move toward Eun Sung.

Hwan decides its time to try and make Eun Sung feels the same.

Using Seung Mi as his tool. This is what Seung Mi really deserves after all the wrong she has done.

Eun Sung shows some sadness over Hwan and Seung Mi, but it is not as apparent as Hwan’s stares.

They do say that women are better at hiding their true feelings though.

Hwan sings a love song while looking away from Seung Mi towards Eun Sung.

Seung Mi grabs hold of what she thinks is hers.

Eun Sung looks at them a little stunned.

Hwan still sings looking at Eun Sung.

Eun Sung does not look back completely looking hurt. So we’re not sure really how she feels.

Outside of the room, the final confrontation of the night comes.

Hwan finally gets some guts and goes up to Jun Se. They go back and forth as Jun Se provokes Hwan to admit that is the way he is acting because of Eun Sung.

Hwan clenches his fist and punches Jun Se as he lets out that yes it is because of Eun Sung much to Seung Mi’s dismay.

This episode had so many things going on. Hwan is developing into the guy that Eun Sung could like, but while he is, Jun Se is also making his moves toward Eun Sung as well. Seung Mi is starting to pay for her deeds while watching the guy she loves drift to the step-sister she has come to hate. Halmuni drifted in this episode but ultimately ended up remaining on Eun Sung’s side. We will now have to see whether Hwan is able to confess his feelings to Eun Sung and whether Jun Se responds to this by trying to deviously keep Eun Sung or by playing fair (most second lead males never do). There’s plenty of things to look forward to when Episode 17 and 18 air this weekend.

Continue on to my Episode 17 Recap.


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  1. dangg nicce (:
    even though i saw this, i felt like reading it and it was faster than watching it .. ahaa ;D
    nice job ! (;


    June 16, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    • Thank you! I hope to cover other episodes and dramas as well. =]


      June 16, 2009 at 11:23 pm

  2. 🙂 wow nice recap. it was not hard to read since there were a lot of pics. keep it up 😀


    June 19, 2009 at 2:19 am

    • I really wanted to catch their facial expressions, because I think in this drama it’s really important. They don’t say as many important things as their faces show.


      June 19, 2009 at 2:39 am

  3. […] of the Day: It Would Be Nice by Sung Si Kyung (Sung by Hwan on karaoke in Episode 16) We start Episode 17 back at the karaoke spot, where Hwan has just punched Jun Se after being […]

  4. thanks! 🙂 keep it going


    July 15, 2009 at 10:42 pm

  5. thanks for your recaps… looking forward for more…. its the finale week so i feel glad and sad at the same time….


    July 20, 2009 at 4:48 pm

  6. would you know the title of the song Park Jun Se was singing in this episode? I can’t download it because I don’t know its title. I hope anyone here can help me. thanks.


    August 28, 2010 at 12:30 am

  7. What did Hye Ri and Eun Sung sang in the karaoke part?


    November 28, 2010 at 7:18 am

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