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Summer is here so why not kick back with one of these summer-themed Asian dramas.

Stand Up!!

Stand Up!! is a light-hearted J-Drama (also my first drama) that follows four friends quest to lose their virginity during the summer of their junior year of high school. Although similar in storyline to American Pie, Stand Up!! has characters that are much more innocent and in my opinion, funnier, than the cast of American Pie. You watch the characters grow and become fond of them in this short 11 episode story and by the time it’s over you will be wishing that summer just would not end. I also like the laid back soundtrack to it, although there was no official OST release for this drama besides the opening theme by Arashi.

Summer Scent

Part 3 of Yoon Suk-ho’s Endless Love series is perhaps one of the most disliked dramas of the bunch. I personally fell in love with it when I watched it at the beginning of this summer. The storyline involves a man and woman who are tied together by their hearts. The main female lead contains the heart of the main male leads first love who has died. Their irresistible bond brings them together, but are they together because of their hearts or because they really love each other? The OST is amazing and there are many songs not in the OST that were perfectly put into the drama. I hope I can find them someday. Beautiful scenery is present in this drama and although the drama is not perfect, I think it is certainly worth a look and becomes enticing after a few episodes.

Song of the day: Summer Scent-Serenade (Piano)


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