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Brilliant Legacy Episode 17 Recap: Hang On Tight

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So many great scenes in this episode. 😉

Song of the Day: It Would Be Nice by Sung Si Kyung (Sung by Hwan on karaoke in Episode 16)

We start Episode 17 back at the karaoke spot, where Hwan has just punched Jun Se after being provoked about Eun Sung. Quite an exciting place to leave a cliffhanger if you ask me. I find it kind of interesting that few seem to notice Jun Se and Hwan missing from the karaoke room.

Jun Se is out to find out if his hunch that Hwan likes Eun Sung is true. He tells Hwan to “tell it straight” from his heart. Jun Se tells Hwan that he is not the type to worry about anyone other than himself, which is interesting for Jun Se to say because whenever Eun Sung and Jun Se have conversations he usually gives Hwan the benefit of the doubt.

Jun Se: Do you like Eun Sung?
Hwan looks away in thought
Jun Se: Say it.
Hwan: What right do you think you have asking me that?
Hwan: Who are you to ask me that? You said you have no relationship with Eun Sung.
Hwan: Eun Sung?
Hwan: Why would I?
Hwan: Why would I like someone who ruined my household?
Jun Se (begins elevating his voice): Then why are you doing this to me?
Hwan: Because I can’t stand seeing you.
Hwan: I’m the type that doesn’t care about others
Hwan: But what about you? Pretending to be the nicest man in the world, acting considerate to everyone.
Hwan: Prancing around in front of me all day.
Hwan: I just can’t stand to see it.
Jun Se: Fine if you’re saying that’s what it is, let’s just say that’s what it is
Hwan: I’m not just saying that it is! It is!

Here’s where Hwan really shows that he is not ready to face how he feels for Eun Sung. Jun Se can see right through Hwan’s front.

Hye Ri hears the fight and summons everyone out of the karaoke room.

Jun Se acts like nothing happened. Totally playing along with what Hwan says about him being too nice (of course Jun Se knows that if he says what really happened, Eun Sung may find out the real reason he was punched).

Love heals all wounds I suppose.

Eun Sung looks at Hwan with bewilderment.

Hwan looks away.

Seung Mi appears pretending like she missed the whole incident.

The other co-workers take their leave and only the entangled lovers are left.

Jun Se offers Seung Mi and Hwan a ride home, but they decline. Eun Sung politely says good bye as Jun Se and Eun Sung leave.

Hwan watches as Eun Sun and Jun Se take their leave.

Eun Sung and Jun Se discuss what happens. Jun See says that men frequently fight when they drink and that Hwan was too drunk. The funny thing about this is that during their time in the karaoke room Hwan barely drank any alcohol at all, the one downing the drinks was Jun Se. His tendency to now lie to Eun Sung is a little frightening, it’s a sign of good guy turning bad. Eun Sung notes that Hwan did not act out towards her, maybe she doesn’t completely believe Jun Se.

Seung Mi’s attempts to get Hwan to admit why he hit Jun Se are unsuccessful.

Back at the house of Halmuni, Eun Sung and Halmuni are discussing the major success of the 30th anniversary event. Eun Sung notes that Hwan worked hard, and may even have blisters on his feet. Halmuni asks why they didn’t come back together and Eun Sung explains with a sad face that he left with Seung Mi, the Halmuni looks off (probably catching Eun Sung’s glance).

Hwan comes back home and after being praised by the Halmuni, he retreats back to his room.

Hwan returns to his room and think about what just happened at the karaoke spot, and is frustrated wondering whether Jun Se will tell Eun Sung or not.

Eun Sung tells Hwan to massage and wash his feet before he sleeps so that his feet won’t hurt tomorrow. (Aw she’s showing concern for him) Hwan tells her she worries about the strangest things and goes off into the bathroom.

When Eun Sung goes back upstairs, Hwan comes out of the bathroom and looks off up towards her room.

Seung Mi starts to realize that in the battle to win Hwan’s heart, she is losing.

The butler and the Halmuni meet and discuss Hwan’s progress. Halmuni notes all of Hwan’s hard work and that she imagined he would work so hard to gain her company.

Halmuni: I wanted to hold his hand and tell him “How hard this day must have been for you!” but I pretended not to care. If I get weak, I’m afraid he will break down. He probably thinks I’m doing this because I hate him, right? He wouldn’t know…How could he know that no matter how immature or childish he is, I could never dislike him.
Butler: He will blame you but he will not that way (Butler always looks at the positive side in people 🙂 )
Halmuni: Even if through these events, he considers me his enemy and he hates me, I really love the little brat. Until the day I die. No, even if I’m dead I will still love him. (Aww how could anyone not love this Halmuni)

Halmuni massages and washes Hwan’s feet to reward him for his hard work. This scene is really touching and really shows just how much she loves him.

The next morning Hwan wakes up and says his feet feel fine, blowing off what Eun Sung said, completely unaware that his Halmuni treated them last night.

Eun Sung encounters Jung and apologizes about Jun Se. Jung brushes her off at first but then starts to think about what Jun Se said regarding Eun Sung’s spirit.

Halmuni is happy with the little things Jung’s mom has learned so far. Eun Sung comes downstairs and asks how everyone slept last night. Jung takes a hint and asks as well, much to everyone’s bewilderment.

Hwan: Stop there
Eun Sung: What?

Hwan’s imagination: What did you hear from Jun Se yesterday?

Hwan: You’re going to ride that bike to the restaurant?
Eun Sung: I’m going to ride it to the subway and take the subway.
Eun Sung: I don’t have to take the bus so that’s saving 1200 won.
Hwan: You’re so crazy about money.
Eun Sung: It’s good exercise, it’s a good way to diet, it saves money. Killing 3 birds with one stone.
Eun Sung: Also I will not encounter a pervert like in a crowded bus

*flash back to when Hwan saved Eun Sung from the perverts*

Hwan: I say one thing and you say ten things.
Eun Sung: Why don’t you save up money from this month’s paycheck and buy a bike?
Hwan: A bicycle?
Eun Sung: I’m going first (she takes off awkwardly)

Hwan: Park Jun Se. So you’re the cool guy to the very end, eh?

Manager announces this is their last day distributing flyers.

Hwan: So petty. You’re going to ride the bicycle by yourself.
Eun Sung: You should be grateful I’m doing this.
Hwan: So I have to run?
Eun Sung: Borrow the bike that the other employees use.
Hwan: A bicycle? Forget it.

Hwan: Bus is faster.

Hwan and Eun Sung arrive at the apartments and she breaks the news to him that they will go individually to each apartment and stick the flyers.

Hwan and Eun Sung start competing for who can pass out the flyers the quickest.


Hwan requests they stop to pick something up.

Eun Sung mocks him for needing tape to put up the flyers.

Back at Jun Se’s restaurant…

It seems Jun Se can’t get Hwan off his mind.

Speaking of Hwan…

Eun Sung requests to take a break. She’s walking around with her foot messed up again. It seems like it’s like this in almost every episode. Hwan disagrees at first, but when she asks again he looks at her and agrees.

Eun Sung buys an ice cream and offers to share it with Hwan. He denies her request until she keeps telling him that he is going to make her waste the ice cream.

Symbolic of Eun Sung and Hwan’s hearts. 🙂

Hwan: How old is your brother?
Hwan: Did you say his name is Eun Woo?
Eun Sung: How did you know his name is Eun Woo?
Hwan: Our Eun Woo, our Eun Woo, it’s stuck on your lips.
Eun Sung: He is 17.

Hwan starts showing concern for Eun Sung’s family. It’s a little odd that it took him 17 episodes to really get there, but he is getting there.

Hwan: You will find him quickly.
Hwan: When my grandmother says she will do something, she will. So she’ll find him soon.
Hwan: And that night, although I gave you a hard time running you around.
Hwan: I was planning on returning your bag to you.
Eun Sung: When?
Hwan: I told your hotel man to come to the hotel by five, then waiting for forty minutes.
Hwan: You didn’t come. That day…

Hwan: So that’s why I thought you purposely took my bag.
Eun Sung: I never got your call.
Eun Sung: Then why haven’t you told me till now?
Hwan: Because you have a way of making peoples excuses seem childish.
(Hwan can’t just say “because I love you now”)
Hwan: Anyway you couldn’t see your father’s face because of me and I am very sorry about that too.
Eun Sung: You say sorry very well.
Hwan: Are you making fun of me?
Eun Sung: When I saw you with the halmunis, you smiled really well. Why don’t you smile every day. If you smile it’s supposed to make you good fortune. Why do you act like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Hwan thinks about what Seung Mi told him about Eun Sung and ends the conversation.

Hwan notices Eun Sung’s injury. As she tries to leave on the bike he stops her.

And then they hit a bump in the road and…

Of course it is Seung Mi’s fate to witness this.

How could this happen to me?

Seung Mi should really look for work in espionage. She’s always hiding.

The Manager asks why they went together to distribute the flyers and Eun Sung admits to misunderstanding that he only wanted them to start out distributing the flyers and then separate. Their co-worker notes that he thought they hated each other, but they’ve really changed and the Manager calls them “amusing”. Other people noticing you interactions is one sign of growing feelings.

Seung Mi makes her entrance into Franchise #2 to pick up Hwan, pretending she didn’t see him come in (Her nose should really be a mile long by now).

She reminds Hwan that they are supposed to go shopping and despite his reluctance convinces him to go.

Eun Sung watches them leave with a long, sad look on her face. She is starting to really feel something for Hwan. Her co-workers talk to her and she completely spaces out on them.

Hwan and Seung Mi shop and then go eat. She convinces him to let her pay and she grills him on Eun Sung, but makes no progress.

At home Eun Sung starts thinking about Seung Mi and Hwan.

Yet another sign of Eun Sung starting to fall for Hwan. She finds her comment cards and stops on Hwan’s card, although she doesn’t know that it was him that wrote it. Seung Mi calls Eun Sung and asks to meet.

Jun Se and Eun Sung’s father meet for lunch and he repays Jun Se for the medicine and takes his leave, preparing to leave Seoul. Eun Sung’s father ironically tells Jun Se to meet a good woman.

As Hwan leaves work to start getting contracts, Eun Sung almost runs into him.

They agree to take their own way, with Hwan taking the bus and Eun Sung on her bike.

Hwan walks in to the same office that Eun Sung decided to go to.

Eun Sung tries to introduce Hwan as her partner, but the businessman uses it as a way to kill the business deal he didn’t want to make in the first place.

In the hall of the office Eun Sung and Hwan feud. Hwan maks fun of Eun Sung’s method of getting to the business and learning about it (pretending she was a reporter) and tells her she could just use the internet.

In the middle of their quarrel they both come up with the idea of marketing to other businesses such as theme parks and jump for joy.

Hwan catches his huge smile and tries to cover it up.

They continue discussing their new idea on the way back to Franchise #2.

Walking right by Jun Se in his car, waiting for Eun Sung. Jun Se can be really stalkerish sometimes. Sitting in your car watches your lover is a classic drama way of letting them observe the other characters without being noticed, but honestly I would be freaked out if a girl that liked me was observing me with someone else from afar.

Jun Se: Hwan, after you did that to me, you don’t even call to see how I am?
Hwan: Before I could call, you came. You’re alright right?

Eun Sung: Why are you here? You didn’t even call me? ~(That’s what I’m saying)

Jun Se insists that they go together somewhere even though she has plans to meet someone. Just like Seung Mi did to Hwan earlier in the episode. She goes quickly with Jun Se and he asks her why she has to work with Hwan. A clear sign of jealousy, though she misses it entirely.

She explains Hwan is not bad, just as Jun Se himself said earlier. Jun Se decides to let her know that Hwan is aware that he can take Halmuni’s assets back after she dies. I suppose it was an attempt to put distance between Hwan and Eun Sung, though unsuccessful.

Hwan’s friend asks him to make his “cousin” some food.

Seung Mi meets with Eun Sung, asking for a picture of Eun Woo so she can put it on the internet. Eun Sung is not so quick to believe Seung Mi’s intentions and Seung starts talking about how Hwan is everything to her.

Hwan and Eun Woo eat ramen and Hwan explains that he wouldn’t him food if Eun Woo did not consider him like someones younger brother (Eun Sung). If only Hwan had seen a picture of Eun Woo before, he could bring him back to Eun Sung now and live happily ever after.

And the episode ends with Eun Sung’s dad seeing her get on a bus and then chasing after it (in a very Stairway to Heaven like way).

We really saw Eun Sung get closer to Hwan in this episode. His concern for her increased, and she finally started to think about him when he is not around. It can’t be long before their feelings get too strong. Now that Hwan knows Eun Woo it can’t be long before he figures out that he is Eun Sung’s brother. Seung Mi and Jun Se both showed their new struggle as the people they love seem to drift away.

I’ll be back soon with a recap of Episode 18. Thanks for reading 🙂


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  2. Thank you so much!
    Cant wait to your next recaps!


    June 22, 2009 at 10:59 pm

  3. Keep up the good work…..the episode was great I love when they bicker and how Hwa is trying very hard not to show his feelings but is getting to a point that he can’t hide them anyloger….I agree with you Jusen is becoming a stalker and kind of obsses with Eug-Sung….loving this Drama one of the best so far……


    June 23, 2009 at 9:15 am

  4. Thanks a bunch for the recap! I can’t wait to see it and also can’t wait to read episode 18 recap, the internet connection in my house is so slow, so can not watch it online


    June 23, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m capping episode 18 as I write this, so don’t worry it should be out later tonight/tomorrow morning 🙂


      June 23, 2009 at 10:31 pm

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