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Brilliant Legacy Episode 18 Recap: Turn That Frown Upside Down

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Growth and change are harder to attain than one would really like.

Song of the Day: Luv Punch by Instant Romantic Floor

Episode 18 brings us back to the bus stop with Eun Sung’s father. He watches as Eun Sung passes by, but despite his best efforts he cannot catch up with her. Shocked to see Eun Sung (considering her evil step-mother’s story that Eun Sung had left town), Eun Sung’s father heads to meet the step-mother as planned.

I’ve always wondered why buses never seem to stop for pedestrians chasing after them in dramas.

The evil step-mother purchases the fasted ticket she can get out of Seoul and waits for Eun Sung’s father to arrive. When Eun Sung’s father arrives, he breaks the news to the evil step-mother that he will not be leaving Seoul because he saw Eun Sung.

Despite some attempts to convince him, the step-mother is defeated as he announces that he will find Eun Sung even if he has to search every corner of Seoul. Bad news for step-mother.

Meanwhile at Jun Se’s restaurant he meets with his father.

Jun Se’s father selfishly asks Jun Se to stop seeing Eun Se because she is blocking his success, already aware of how Jun Se feels about her. Not only does Jun Se’s father lack compassion in business, but he also lacks compassion towards his own son. It’s a good thing that Jun Se is holding his ground against his father, but I fear for the day that this might cave. Perhaps in emotional turmoil, Jun Se’s father will use it as an opportunity to control him. The father threatens to disown Jun Se if he continues to see Eun Sung.


Hwan is wondering why Eun Sung and Jun Se meet so much even though they are not dating. Hwan frequently seems to feel like he is stuck in Jun Se’s shadow and that Jun Se shines in front of Eun Sung. Poor Hwan is still unaware of what’s happening inside of Eun Sung.

Eun Sung shows up in front of Hwan’s room and debates whether to knock his door or not. Part of Eun Sung feels guilty to Seung Mi because of how much Seung Mi said Hwan mattered. Before she can decide what to do he shocks her by opening the door.

Hwan asks Eun Sung what’s going on and all she does is awkwardly say hello before running off up the stairs.

Hwan wonders why Eun Sung was standing outside his door.

Seung Mi tries to clean her conscience by posting about Eun Woo online. When her mother discovers this, she, of course, throws a fit and starts rambling about how Eun Sung’s father will be staying in Seoul to find Eun Sung, much to Seung Mi’s dismay and torture. I find it interesting that even when these villains are still running free, they are still tortured by the things they do from worry and fear.

Seung Mi then admits to her mother that Hwan likes Eun Sung and that Seung Mi wishes to seek Eun Woo to perhaps get Eun Sung to ignore any feelings that Eun Sung might have for Hwan. A major blow for Seung Mi’s mother who tried to ignore her hunch that Hwan and Eun Sung might develop feelings for each other.

Hwan comes to Eun Sung’s room requesting to have a business meeting with her.

They discuss the current wedding hall and have a disagreement because Hwan wants to make the hall change to their food company, but Eun Sung says that it would be against the wishes of Halmuni because it would cause grief to the wedding hall.

Hwan eventually agrees to help seek out new businesses and not hinder others, but claims the idea is still his (with Eun Sung taking the responsibility if it’s unsuccessful…sneaky 😉 ).

Looks like we have a spy 🙂

Downstairs the Halmuni and her daughter-in-law discuss the jaesa ceremony plans and the daughter-in-law notes that Hwan is usually abroad for his father’s memorial day.

Jung runs downstairs to report how weird it is that Hwan and Eun Sung are having a meeting upstairs, when he said he would get the business back (she then covers her mouth realizing she spilled the beans)

The Halmuni smiles at this, recognizing that she realizes the attachment that is appearing between Hwan and Eun Sung and the change in him.

Eun Sung and Hwan get to work and try their best to get contracts at various businesses.

Eun Sung’s father waits around the bus station to see if she will appear but has no luck.

Hwan looks at his calender with the day of his father’s jaesa ceremony marked in red.

Jun Se appears unexpectedly and asks the Manager if Jun Se can borrow Eun Sung for some tea on the roof. Of course the Manager happily agrees and Hwan watches as Jun Se and Eun Sung head for the roof.

Some customers arrive. One of them doesn’t seem to like the place and complains of the smell of grease. Hwan still politely greets them and takes them to a table.

Jun Se discusses business with Eun Sung and she claims that it will be hard but they have to succeed and they are working very hard for it. Jun Se offers to introduce Eun Sung to possible clients but she declines. Claiming that her and Hwan must use their strength together as a distressed face appears on Jun Se’s face. She also says that Halmuni would want Eun Sung to achieve success with Eun Sung’s own talent.

Jun Se continues to go on about how hard it will be, certainly not being Mr. Positive about it (because he wants Eun Sung to lean on him for help). Jun Se mentions that Eun Sung has an odd relationship with Hwan and that he thought she would be uncomfortable with him (though in earlier episodes before knowing Hwan’s feelings, he seemed to try and foster their friendship), and Eun Sung defends Hwan for bringing out her competitive spirit and helping her. She also says that it was Hwan’s idea to play fair.

Back downstairs, Eun Sung and the Manager observe Hwan treating a child customer well and making her smile.

Eun Sung can’t help but smile at what she sees.

As Hwan gets ready to head back…

Hwan is tripped by the customer’s leg hanging out in the aisle and falls to the floor as his clothes is hit with stains.

Eun Sung tries to go help him but the Manager holds her back. Wishing to observe how Hwan takes this matter.

The customer hands Hwan a check for dry cleaning, a true insult to Hwan and things come full circle. Hwan used to be the guy that handed out money freely to deal with people and didn’t have any consideration for others and now Hwan is the opposite and sees what an ugly person he used to be.

Eun Sung is so shocked that she tries to come to Hwan’s rescue again but the Manager holds her back again. Eun Sung’s concern for Hwan really comes through strong here. We can see her empathy for him.

Hwan swallows his anger and declines the money from the man, Eun Sung feels even more for him now. Hwan heads up to the roof.

Hwan feels disgusted with both that man and himself. This is part of Hwan’s growth, he has to deal the person he was to become someone new.

Eun Sung comes up to check on him.

Eun Sung brings Hwan a towel to wipe off the food from his clothes and when Hwan doesn’t accept it, Eun Sung herself starts wiping his clothes, as Hwan watches in awe.

Hwan takes the towel and starts wiping himself.

Eun Sung lets out her steam about that customers behavior and Hwan immediately takes it as her trying to gloat in his face that what he used to do is now happening to him. Hwan can be really self-deprecating sometimes. Hwan reminds Eun Sung that he once did the same thing to her.

*flash back to jerk Hwan*

Eun Sung laughs at Hwan and admits that she does not hold grudges for long which brings Hwan to ask why she is so upset with the customer. She is shocked when she can’t come up with an answer and simply says because they are partners.

Eun Sung is saved by the bell, when the Manager calls.

She seriously stampedes away from that roof.

In the Manager’s office, the Manager approaches Hwan and recognizes his improvement, giving him an upgrade from part-time to full-time worker.

All the employees clap for Hwan, symbolically this change is also part of Hwan’s growth and improvement from the guy he used to be. Eun Sung slowly stops clapping taking a moment to reflect on Hwan’s changes.

Hwan accepts his achievement both gracefully and respectfully. His co-workers are thrilled with his changes as well.

As he leaves Hwan looks at his new pin, noting that it probably shouldn’t mean anything, but it makes him feel good inside.

No more sad face for Hwan.

Butler Pyo allows Jung and Hwan’s mother to take the day off of cooking because it is her husband’s death anniversary. They discuss that he has been around for thirteen years already.

Hwan comes home and his mother reminds him that it is his father’s memorial day, but feels bad when he already knows.

Eun Sung helps out in the kitchen and thinks about how hard today must be for the Halmuni.

Eun Sung thinks back to when she was comforted by the Halmuni and the Halmuni discusses the pain she has gone through in losing her soon, but that she lives on.

Hwan prepares himself for the ceremony.

The Halmuni later asks Hwan if he remembers anything about the death of his father and that she hopes that someday before she dies that Hwan will.

Later that night Halmuni grieves alone.

Watching this scene, one has to think about the difficulties Hwan must have had growing up without a father, who he was the last person seen with. Hwan must have had a very close relationship with his father, and the tragedy from losing him probably left Hwan very alone and wretched. Eun Sung can see this as well.

The next morning the Halmuni gives Eun Sung the car keys for whenever she needs to do things for work. Eun Sung takes some convincing as usual but eventually accepts the car keys.

Outside, Butler Pyo announces that Jung and Hwan’s mother will be able to handle the houses finances on Monday (not really a good idea in my opinion) and she gets so excited that she falls.

It seems love is blooming on the household battlefield.

As Hwan and Eun Sung head out to work from the office, Eun Sung suggests they switch off driving since the car was originally Hwan’s car.

At Jun Se’s restaurant, Jun Se’s brother comes to visit and Hye Ri has the bad luck of running to greet him. She seems to frequently do this and her reactions are pretty funny.

Jun Se leaves him in the care of Hye Ri (Jung refuses to save him because he will not pay), and Hye Ri gives him something “special” from the kitchen.

Their banter seems to suggest some romantic chemistry, but one cannot be sure just yet.

Hwan and Eun Sung arrive at their destination.

Their smiles speak of the joys of business.

Their presentation runs smoothly and they seal the deal.

Happiness ensues, but comes crashing down when the President of the company arrives and addresses them as Jun Se’s friends.

The bearer of bad news.

The mood has entirely changed and now Hwan is upset.

Hwan and Eun Sung go back and forth fighting. Hwan states they cannot take this kind of deal that was passed to them by Jun Se and that it’s against the ideals, while Eun Sung defends Jun Se claiming that she knows him better than to go around her and do something like this (she doesn’t realize this is one of his attempts to desperately hang on to her). Honestly, the correct person here is Hwan. You think about all the hard work they put in, the smiles on their faces, it all means nothing if Jun Se simply handed it over to them.

Eun Sung claims she can’t take it anymore and gets out of the car to take the bus. Hwan chases after her, until she crosses the street.

Eun Sung: I want to do things in an upright way as well. I told you I didn’t ask Jun Se for help.
Hwan: It’s dangerous!
Eun Sung: Do you think I’m so cold-hearted about it? I feel apologetic to you on occasion.

And now the climax of the episode comes.

Hwan has a flashback…

Now we know what happened to Hwan’s father and perhaps why he blames himself for the events that happened to his father. We begin to really understand Hwan through this flashback.

Hwan releases Eun Sung halfway in tears and asks her if she wants him to go crazy. Eun Sung realizes the connection Hwan’s fathers death and tries to apologize, but they leave with Hwan completely ignoring Eun Sung.

Eun Sung tries to comfort him but cannot reach out.

Back at work Hwan asks to be allowed to leave, and leaves without saying goodbye to Eun Sung. A co-worker calls it a lovers quarrel but quickly shuts up when Hwan gives him a dirty look. Eun Sung tries to chase after Hwan when he leaves.

Eun Sung goes to meet Hye Ri and her other “friend”, but it turns out Hye Ri is off today. Eun Sung sits for a minute with Jun Se.

Jun Se admits to referring them to help Eun Sung. Of course, he wouldn’t know that he almost got her killed in a car accident in the process. She asks him not to do it again, and let’s hope that this time he listens. I think it’s okay that Jun Se wants to help, but I think he needs to learn to step back when he is asked.

Eun Sung’s “friend” Lee Young arrives and Jun Se takes his leave.

This “friend” Lee Young tells the waitress (Jung no less) that she will be ordering with her “rich” friend. Jung takes offense and Eun Sung begins feeling guilty for Jung, while Lee Young rubs in Eun Sung’s face that all Eun Sung wants is money to be greedy. Such a dumb minded person couldn’t possibly think of a better reason for Eun Sung to get the inheritance. Lee Young was a gold digger all the way back when Eun Sung was still rich the first time.

Hwan once again gets stuck watching his friends “cousin” also known to us as Eun Woo.

Hwan: I know someone who has a brother like you and he also likes to play the piano.
Eun Woo: Piano. I like it.
Hwan: Do you only like the piano? You’ve never liked a girl before?
Eun Woo: The piano is good.
Hwan: It must be great that you like the piano. The piano doesn’t hate you does it?
Hwan: You don’t know what it feels like to like someone that hates you, right?
Hwan: There is a girl I know, called Spy.
Eun Woo: Spy. Pretty.
Hwan: How did you know she was pretty without having seen her?
Hwan: Yeah, she’s like a spy. But the problem is, the more time I spend with her, the more I forget that.
Hwan: Now that I said it, I feel better.

Eun Sung departs the restaurant to visit Hye Ri.

Hye Ri is ready to kick Lee Young’s butt. However, Eun Sung seems hurt and is starting to feel guilty for trying to take the inheritance. She’s wondering if she should give it up. When Hye Ri starts to ask why, Eun Sung starts to tell Hye Ri about how much Hwan has changed. Hye once again speculates that maybe Eun Sung likes him, and although Eun Sung tries to deny it, she seems to not be completely confident that she doesn’t like him.

Like I said before, best friend knows best!

At the apartment of evil, Seung Mi answers a phone call of people searching for Eun Woo, discovering her mothers hidden intentions and ultimately amazed at the evil she is associating with.

Some time later, we find ourselves back at Franchise #2.

A man notices Eun Sung’s name tag and introduces himself as her father’s friend (One that didn’t help him when he was suffering financially after being helped twice to add on to that). He meets with Eun Sung outside and he asks Eun Sung about the life insurance her father had (dun dun dun) and Eun Sung claims no knowledge of any life insurance. The man tells her to look into it.

Eun Sung goes off to investigate…

Well what do you know. Eun Sung’s father did have a life insurance and she is able to confirm that her evil step-mother who has been playing the unfortunate widow, actually withdrew all the life insurance funds.

This episode really showed a deeper connection between Hwan and Eun Sung that was different than their playful banter in other episodes. We learned about Hwan’s history as did Eun Sung, and we continue to see the villains either become better people, or suffer at their bad luck. I worried for a little while that the street accident scene was going to put a big rift between Hwan and Eun Sung, but after the way he talked to her brother, it seems that not even that can change his feelings for her. Jun Se is really starting to get more aggressive in how he approaches trying to win Eun Sung, and let’s hope that he listens to her from now on and doesn’t cause me to like him any less in future episodes.

It seems that Eun Sung will confront her evil step-mother and that Seung Mi and the Step-Mother will come to the house of Halmuni to cause trouble in the next episode. Episode 19 and Episode 20 will be here before you know it and then I’ll be back with more recaps. Thanks for reading. 🙂


10 Responses

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  1. I seriously loved this episode.
    I love how you said ” the apartment of evil ” xD

    and I love the ” She seriously stampedes away from the roof” haha so true she was so cute ^^


    June 24, 2009 at 11:51 am

  2. Man, Lee Young pisses me off more than Golddigger Roomate or even Seungmi. She’s just such a useless character.


    June 24, 2009 at 1:09 pm

  3. Hey, I wasn’t happy too about being spoiled, the kiss thing and all. I’d prefer the change of font color than the spoiler tag (tho come to think of it, I did use that tag too a couple of times).


    June 24, 2009 at 7:36 pm

  4. Apartment of Evil.. hahaha
    Again, thanks for the great recap ^^


    June 24, 2009 at 8:31 pm

  5. i thought that sad face button was hilarious!! it added personality to his placement in the business


    July 31, 2009 at 1:39 pm

  6. I liked the way how Hwan changes for the better here, how the manager now looks up to him and well, how Hwan’s past is finally revealed.

    Sean Akizuki

    February 1, 2010 at 8:37 am

  7. The fact is I really think about this episode to be dramatic not only because Hwan and the manager start to get along (I mean I felt the manager should have punched him back) because Hwan changed for the better and how Hwan’s misery is revealed through a flashback- and that it’s his fault that he filled himself with too much self-pity rather than having told his grandmother years ago- he wouldn’t have hated the beef soup business.

    Sean Akizuki

    February 8, 2010 at 5:47 pm

  8. THANK YOU!! This helps a lot. i couldn’t find the a proper link to watch it online, it’s all broken or remove. Thanks to your recap, i won’t miss this episode! (: It’s well done! otsukaresamadeshita!


    May 15, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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